River Clean-up

As winter snows melt, the river experiences periods of high water flow - along with residual debris. The Board works to remove any debris in hazardous locations as necessary. If any of these items belong to you, and you would like them removed and brought to your property (at your expense), please let us know. Otherwise we will be removing debris and disposing of it.
If you would like to make arrangements on your own, we would suggest that you contact Joel Harner, who is the owner of Let Us, Inc. His contact information is:
Joel P. Harner
7303 Grachen Dr SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
616-893-2341 (office/cell)


Murray Lake Marina is another option.

Annual River Drawdown  

The drawdown will always occur on the last weekend of April that includes both a Saturday and a Sunday - this year the weekend of April 22. The drawdown lowers the river approximately 4 feet, and begins Wednesday evening. Depending on the water flow, it is generally at its drawdown level from Thursday through Sunday. Restoring the level typically begins at midnight Sunday, and it should return to normal depth by Monday afternoon or evening. If it is necessary to extend or alter the drawdown in any way the association will attempt to notify all dues-paying members, by way of an e-mail blast, and a notice will be placed on this website.

Boat Launch Keys

The boat launching area is located at the corner of Buttrick Avenue and Thornapple River Drive in Ada, and is comprised of two properties owned by the Thornapple Association, Inc. (our Association) and the Thornapple Downs Boating Lot Association.  There is a joint use agreement in place between the two Associations which provides for operation by the Thornapple Association, but use by members of both Associations.  The Thornapple Association will sell keys to members in good standing of both Associations. Keys can be purchased at the Thornapple Association Annual Meeting or by contacting the Thornapple Association. A form for obtaining a key from the Thornapple Association (including contact information for obtaining a key may) be downloaded by clicking here