You can click here to download a PDF map of the Thornapple river between Cascade and Ada dams, showing general variations in depths and general location of known underwater obstructions (stumps, etc) that were known at the time of the production of the map, approximatley 2003. This map is made available to assocation members to give nothing more than a general overview of the river, and is not intended to be relied on for navigation. It should not be relied upon as definitive due to constantly changing patterns of erosion as well as movement of hazards due to river flows, as well as new hazards that are unknown. Remember that the river is a living entity, and that unlike lakes and ponds that maintain a more constant depth, and may have few submerged obstacles, the river is full of hazards, obstacles, and unexpected changes in depth that have the potential to cause injury or death. River users should make their own specific and detailed observations before making any use of the river, and take their own risks regarding any and all use of the river.